Nicola Golightly, was Parkin. b. 1983, British visual artist and designer.


Nicola is a graphic designer and visual artist. With a passion for illustration, design and print, she prides herself on a multidisciplinary approach. Nicola uses design in the broadest possible way; using it as a motivational tool, a way of bringing smart, fresh ideas to life and to initiate forward thinking.

Her work has included the design and delivery of live illustration events, participatory projects, a variety of artist led projects and collaborations. She is also a core member of blimey! Darlington Artist Collective and part of 26:86 Collective.

Nicola is one of three Directors of Navigator North, an arts organisation based in the North East of England. Navigator North initiates activities to raise the public awareness of artists, artworks and creative practice, stimulating dialogue, interaction and engagement between artists and the public.

If you would like to find out more about the work Nicola has been involved in, please visit the archive page for past projects.